Below you will find links to some of Mick's favorite real-life people, places, and things as they appear on Internet.

Favorite Bookstore

Talking Leaves

Favorite Photographer

K.C. Kratt

Favorite College Creative Writing Program

Canisius College

Favorite Publisher of Books for Young Readers

Random House

Favorite Pop Music Cult


Recommended Authors

Duff Brenna
Eric Gansworth
Nick Hornby
Jill McCorkle
Janet McNally
Rohinton Mistry
Stewart O’Nan
Lon Otto
Ann Patchett
Connie Porter
Rishi Reddi
Julie Schumacher
Tobias Wolff


Mickey's Diner, St. Paul, MN. 

Though he denies to this day his identity as the titular Mickey, the author has logged enough hours to certainly deserve it.


Talking Leaves...Books, Buffalo, Ny.

Independent, idiosyncratic and always full of recommended reads, Talking Leaves is a natural home for Mick.